From the recording In Search of Kokopelli


This Land Is Your Land This Land Is My Land
From California To The NY Island
From The Red Wood Forest To The Gulf Stream Waters
This Land Was Made For You And Me

As I Went Walking On That Ribbon Of Highway
I Saw Above Me That Endless Sky Way
I Saw Bellow Me That Golden Valley
This Land Was Made For The Birdie In The Tree
Singing Hap-ply

As I Roamed And Rambled And I Followed My Footsteps
To The Sparkling Sands Of Her Diamond Deserts
And All Around Me A Voice Was Sounding
This Land Was Made For The Fishie In The Sea
Swimming Hap-ply

There Was A Big High Wall That Tried To Stop Us
And A Sign Was Painted That Said Private Property
But The Back Side Didn't Say Nothing
This Land Was Made For The Tree In The Breeze
Look At Us Under The Shady Leaves

When The Sun Come Shining And I Went Strolling
And The Wheat Fields Waving And The Dust Clouds Rolling
A Voice Was Chanting As The Fog Was Lifting
This Land Was Made For All Of Us
Except For The Private Property